31 Days of Gratitude : #24 – The Word of God

Life giving light that is what the word of God is and thank God I experience it.

I thank God I didn’t lack His word this year. This post may bear a lot of similarities with another to come. This year, the word of God has been a lamp unto my feet and a light Unto my path.

The word has worked wonders in my life and some others that have testified to me personally. The word has produced signs and wonders not just in my life. The word of God has been sharp and precise, hitting the situation right at the point of need. This year the word of God has been a solace and place of rest for me. The word of God has shown me God’s will. God has given me his word in his book, he has given me his word in my heart, and has placed his word in my mouth. God has fulfilled his word, for this I am grateful.

The word of God has given me feats that I couldn’t afford. God has been more than faithful with his words to me this year, setting me on my way. Lord, I am eternally grateful for your word.


Live, learn, love.


31 Days of Gratitude : #23 – Social Life

I thank God the asocial crisis is over.  I thank God there is a healthy social life for me. I thank God I have a few friends. I could be in a gathering of a hundred people who I am supposed to be meeting for the first time, but see five of them who I know already, then one or two acquitances. That’s a good number for someone who is not expecting to know anyone in the crowd, I thank God .

This year I met a lot of people made friends with some of them and got closer to others that I had known. 

I thank God that I have been able to explore the world around me better. I have visited fun places and filled my eyes and heart with their beauty. I thank God for helping me take time to pamper myself in the presence of others. I thank God for the grace to improve my inter-personal skills through the social activities I got involved in this year. I thank God for enlarging my social circle, for increasing my spheres of influence and networth. I thank God for helping me build meaningful relationships, and discard pointless, aimless one. I thank God they were fun while they lasted. I thank God I have found the right waters for my social life, people with like minds, values and with whom I need not compromise my stand with God. I thank God that my social life has also contributed to my achievements this year. What more could I ask for?

Live, learn, love.